Bellafield is Brandon’s newest residential development, located south west of Brandon between Patricia Avenue, Maryland Avenue, 26th and 34th Street. With over 120 acres, the neighborhood will be developed in 5 phases over the course of 10-15 years.

The neighborhood is designed to create walk-able, mixed housing neighborhood with good street and trail connections to adjacent areas. The focal point of the neighborhood is a land drainage lake and trail system that interconnects a variety of active and passive recreational facilities and links the neighborhood to the surrounding area.

The neighborhood provides parcels for moderate density, multi-family developments at strategic locations, parks and recreations, with a large majority being low density. The neighborhood has a potential for 3,000 residents in 1,300 housing units of all types at a moderate density of development. The residential lots will range from 40 to 50 feet wide with depths ranging from 100 to 120 feet.